jasmine My Mom Carrying My Baby Brother / Mi Mama Cargando a Mi Hermanito, by Jasmine Santos, 3rd Grade

Mary Beth is the Artist in Residence at the International Charter School, in Rhode Island, a bilingual school for K-5th graders, where she leads a program teaching students to document their cultures, and to create accompanying texts in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. This work results in three public exhibtions each year.

She also co-directs a photography project at The Groden Center, Providence, where she works with autistic teens to express themselves through photography, and she teaches Documentary Photogrraphy at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in Boston.

In Brockton, Mass, she developed "City of Champions: Youth Vision in Context," an opportunity for Brockton High School students to document life in the city as they experienced it. That work resulted in a large-scale installation of student photographs on the exteriors of buildings in Brockton.

Her educational work has been presented nationally, and has won support from The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, Brown University, and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.


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