Mary Beth Meehan


Between 11- and 20-million undocumented immigrants live in the United States today, sparking national fury – and violence – over questions of immigration policy, citizenship, and belonging. Many of these are people who are deeply embedded in our communities, who pay taxes and contribute to our economy, yet have been painted as criminals by politicians on the national stage. Because they cannot come forward to defend themselves, their true identities as people remain in the shadows.

These images were made inside the homes of undocumented residents in New England, with the goal of using the texture of their living spaces to make visible these human beings, and to provide a window into the very personal paths they have chosen.

The portfolio has been published widely and exhibited across the country as part of the “Fence” installation as well in traditional gallery settings. The gallery show includes a video of first-person text culled from interviews with project participants, intended to further illuminate their lives.