Mary Beth Meehan

Silicon Valley and The New America

In Fall of 2017, Mary Beth was invited to hold an artist’s residency with the Stanford Arts Initiative and Stanford’s Department of Communications, to study Silicon Valley as a human community. During her time there, Meehan and Stanford Professor Fred Turner produced “Seeing Silicon Valley,” to understand, and visualize, what life was like for the millions of residents of that mythic landscape who don’t make the news. Response to this work has been fascinating: in Europe, where the book was published in November in France, people embraced the work immediately, thanking Meehan and Turner for an illuminating contribution to a growing consciousness. In the U.S., they have heard “But this isn’t Silicon Valley.” Isn’t it? Two pharmaceutical-technology engineers, who worked their way from India to their dream home and jobs, only to realize that they will not be able to afford to have a home and a family there? Their goal is to consider the real people within this American dreamland, to debunk the myths of this mythic place, and to question whether or not it is actually working as a healthy, functioning community.

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