Mary Beth Meehan


(Seeing Silicon Valley)

Visages de la Silicon Valley (Seeing Silicon Valley)

A region cannot be reduced to its myths. By photographing the people of Silicon Valley, from the middle class to the homeless, Mary Beth Meehan shows us behind the scenes. The stories of life for the inhabitants of the fabled place, lived amid stress, poverty, pollution, and the lack of collective infrastructure, show the face of a toxic region. While the world is only talking about high-tech successes, between the marble campuses of the internet giants and the excessive wealth of very young billionaires, Mary Beth Meehan’s photographs and stories, combined with Fred Turner’s introductory essay, call for a greater accountability to those who live and work in this economic zone. (Published in French)
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Art As A Way Of Talking For Emergent Bilingual Youth

This book features effective artistic practices to improve literacy and language skills for emergent bilinguals in PreK-12 schools. Including insights from key voices from the field, this book highlights how artistic practices can increase proficiency in emergent language learners and students with limited access to academic English. Challenging current prescriptions for teaching English to language learners, the arts-integrated framework in this book is grounded in a sense of student and teacher agency and offers key pedagogical tools to build upon students’ sociocultural knowledge and improve language competence and confidence. Offering rich and diverse examples of using the arts as a way of talking, this volume invites teacher educators, teachers, artists, and researchers to reconsider how to fully engage students in their own learning and best use the resources within their own multilingual educational settings and communities.
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